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BTP Equipment Rental

SEMALEX offers TP equipment rental services for individuals and professionals in Albi.

We have a wide range of machines to assist with your projects.

Our BTP equipment can greatly help complete your project on time.

SEMALEX rents machinery for large-scale work to help individuals and professionals in Tarn with their construction project. To ensure the transport of your materials and facilitate work, we put 3T5 trucks at your disposal. 

We also have weighbridges and crane trucks for loading bricks, rocks and sand. Rent the machine that suits your needs at competitive prices!

Renting high-performance equipment at affordable prices

Carmaux, Gaillac | SEMALEX
Carmaux, Gaillac | SEMALEX

High-performance machines and personalised advice

Created in 1997, SEMALEX was originally a public transport company that developed over the years, offering rental construction equipment in Albi, Carmaux and Gaillac.

We ensure customers' satisfaction by offering high-performance machines that can assist with all your project needs. We also offer personalised service to help with your construction work.

A rental service that guarantees your satisfaction

Our services:

  • Sale and delivery of sand, gravel and aggregates
  • Earthworks
  • Rental of building and civil engineering equipment
  • Landscape design

Call SEMALEX to rent high-performance construction equipment.