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Sand and Gravel Delivery

SEMALEX delivers sand and gravel on site in Albi, Carmaux or Gaillac.

Our professionals ensure a safe and fast transport service.

We deliver the right amount of materials for your project needs

The transportation of construction materials is as important as the other processes of your project. That is why we recommend professionals to handle the job. SEMALEX effectively delivers your sand and gravel on the construction site. 

Our experienced drivers operate 3T5 trucks that can carry the amount of cargo you require. We also have weighbridges and crane trucks to facilitate product loading and unloading. We will inform you of our rates by providing a free quote.

A free quote for our delivery service

Carmaux, Gaillac | SEMALEX
Carmaux, Gaillac | SEMALEX

Material delivery using Big bag

As specialist in material transportation, we secure sand and gravel using big bags. Made of technical textiles, especially thick polypropylene, big bag offers a more effective solution in terms of quantity and economy.

Its ease of handling facilitates transportation and a much considerable loading capacity for a wide variety of construction materials. To use this type of container, we are at your disposal from Monday to Saturday in Tarn.

An economical container for quick delivery.

Our advantages:

  • Personalized advice
  • 20 years of experience
  • Competitive price
  • Reliable team

SEMALEX ensures the safe delivery of aggregates.